Legislative Update – Week 4

Committee hearings, for bills on our list, are out of control. Actually, it will be great fun as Thursday is “Property Tax Relief Day” in the Revenue Committee and we should get a sense of which direction the wind (and snow) will blow on property taxes this year.

  • Monday:
    • LB850 creates the Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance Act.
    • LB1046 allow an out-of-state resident to obtain a liquor license.
    • LB1105 changes liquor license classification for hotels and restaurants.
  • Wednesday:
    • LB753 military absence from employment.
  • Thursday:
    • LB717 controls growth of property taxes by adjusting valuations.
    • LB958 is the Governor’s bill that would reduce property taxes.  This bill will not be advanced as written, but will likely become the vehicle for any property tax relief proposed by the Revenue Committee.