Legislative Update – Week 5

The Business and Labor Committee unanimously advanced LB753 to General File. Employment and employment benefits are extended to employees who are members of the National Guard of another state and are called up by the Governor of that state.

On Thursday, the Revenue Committee held public hearings on four property tax relief bills LB958, LB717, LB809 and LB940. Following 8-hours of fabulous testimony committee members are now certain of two things: 1.) land owners want lower property taxes (duh);  2.) cities, counties, community colleges, et al. really hate the Governor’s LB958 because it restricts their budgeting and spending.

Revenue Committee chair, Mike Gloor, must now hug the seven other members of his committee and deliver a bill that not everyone hates. His dilemma is that meaningful property tax relief must come at the expense of increased sales or income taxes, or lower spending by local government, or a brand new tax. These are not huggable options.

Hearings scheduled this week:

  • LB821 – Protects employees’ stuff from employers.
  • LB983 – Homosexuality and bisexuality are not disabilities.
  • LB959 – Governor Ricketts’ companion bill to LB958 is aimed squarely at controlling public education budgeting and spending. Picture 250 haggard old superintendents, notebooks at the ready, anxious to slap every committee member with an eighth period.  Do they still call them that?