Legislative Update – Week 6

The hearing for Senator Mello’s LB806 is Tuesday. The bill would allow cities to create a Riverfront Development Authority and impose occupation taxes.

LB1046 (liquor licensees required to be Nebraska residents, not US citizens) was amended into LB1105 (reclassifies hotel liquor license to “manufacturer).  The bill was prioritized by the General Affairs Committee and is now on General File.

Evidently, State Senator Bill Kintner (Papillion) has not read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Last Wednesday, his op-ed in a local newspaper analogized his fellow senators as “monkeys.” Yep, monkeys. And, he said this analogy is was not meant to offend monkeys. And then, he criticized the legislative process and the leadership. Let’s just say that his colleagues are less than amused.

Thursday, Speaker Galen Hadley responded during floor debate. No analogies from Mr. Speaker, “If a senator doesn’t like being in the Legislature or thinks it’s not doing the right things, then that senator can get out.” Harrumph! And a standing ovation broke out. Odds are solidly against Mr. Kintner’s chances to Win Friends and Influence Legislation the rest of the session.

Friday is a gut check for senators. It’s the last day they can designate a bill as their coveted Priority Bills. One apiece; that’s the rule. Committees must designate their two priorities on Friday as well.  Mr. Speaker will designate his 25 priority bills, but not until next Monday. Priority bills will be the only legislation debated the rest of this session, so pick the wrong bill, and you will be left out in the cold with Senator Kintner and his monkeys.