In the 1949 comedy, “It Happens Every Spring”, a college professor (Ray Milland) accidentally discovers a fluid that when wiped on an object (like a baseball) is repelled by wood (a bat). The Prof takes leave from the university to pitch in the Big’s. Cute story. Cute ending. Total fabrication.

Something else happens every spring. The Unicameral has been in session for three months. Committee hearings for every bill introduced are complete. Priority bills have been identified, and full-day floor debate begins (Tuesday).

Unlike the movie, not everyone in the Legislature will have a happy ending. Each of the 49 senators represent 37,000 constituents. Priorities vary from district to district. Priorities vary from senator to senator. Some senators are effective negotiators. Some are not. Some senators are convincing orators. Some are not. Some senators have egos….scratch that, all senators have egos.

Last week, several bills were filibustered on General File. Senators picked sides, like in dodgeball, and talked until time expired. The bills did not advance. Feelings were hurt. Threats were made. Promises unkept.

The state’s largest newspaper suggests, “senators must reach agreement”, “senators are sent to the Capitol to be policymakers” and “trust among senators is vital”. Bupkes! Two points:

  1. Sometimes the kids just don’t get along
  2. Blame partisan committees for advancing dumb bills to General File

The people of this state are dealing with border-to-border disaster, and the feelings of a few senators were hurt by a filibuster? Someone lied? Groucho said it best, “All people are born alike – except Republicans and Democrats.”

Twenty days until the budget. Forty days in the session.


Approved By The Governor

  • LB57 Prohibits municipalities from adopting or enforcing ordinances/regulations that expressly or effectively prohibit the short-term rental of residential properties and restrict the ability of municipalities to regulate residential properties used as short-term rentals. The Tax Commissioner will enter into agreements with online hosting platforms and short-term rentals to permit the online housing platform to collect and remit applicable sales taxes on behalf of sellers or hotel operators otherwise required to collect such taxes for transactions consummated through the online hosting platform.
  • LB203 Amends the Music Licensing Act to add the owner of a multi-family dwelling to the definition of “proprietor.” Apartment common areas (lobby, clubhouse, fitness center) are included in the Act.