Primary Elections – May 12

With one month until Nebraska’s Primary Elections, let’s take a look at the candidates and Carnac the results. In consultation with many undependable sources, and with certain callous intentions, these hermetically sealed prognostications will offend many and identify those who will advance to the November 3 General Election. Note: Libertarians and Green Party candidates are not considered. They never win.

Elections are a good deal like marriages. There’s no accounting for anyone’s taste. Every time we see a bridegroom, we wonder why she ever picked him, and it’s the same with public officials. – Will Rogers


  • President Donald Trump (R) vs. Joe Biden (D) – Duh
  • Senator Ben Sasse (R) vs. Daniel Wik (D)
  • Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R) vs. Kate Bolz (D)
  • Congressman Don Bacon (R) vs. Kara Eastman (D)
  • Congressman Adrian Smith (R) vs. Mark Elworth (D)


Twenty-five of the 49 legislative seats are in play this year. While the Unicameral is technically nonpartisan, political affiliations are noted because it matters. In 2020, the Legislature counts 28 Republicans, 18 Democrats, and 1 Independent. The16 pink races below have significant political implications in November.

  • District 1 Senator Julie Slama (R) vs. Janet Palmtag (R)
  • District 3 Senator Carol Blood (D) vs. Rick Holdcroft (R)
  • District 5 Senator Mike McDonnell (D) vs. Gilbert Ayala (R)
  • District 7 Senator Tony Vargas (D) vs. Jorge Sotolongo (R)
  • District 9 John Cavanaugh (D) vs. Marque Snow (D)
  • District 11 Terrell McKinney (D) vs. Fred Conley (D)
  • District 13 Senator Justin Wayne (D)
  • District 15 Senator Lynn Walz (D) vs. David Rogers (R)
  • District 17 Senator Joni Albrecht (R) vs. Sheryl Lindau (D)
  • District 19 Mike Flood (R)
  • District 21 Senator Mike Hilgers (R) vs. Brody Weber (D)
  • District 23 Senator Bruce Bostelman (R) vs. Helen Raikes (I)
  • District 25 Senator Suzanne Geist (R) vs. Stephany Pleasant (D)
  • District 27 Senator Anna Wishart (D) vs. Brenda Bickford (R)
  • District 29 Jennifer Carter (D) vs. Jacob Campbell (R)
  • District 31 Former Senator Rich Pahls (R ) vs. Tim Royers (D)
  • District 33 Senator Steve Halloran (R)
  • District 35 Senator Dan Quick (D) vs. Former Senator Ray Aguilar (R)
  • District 37 Senator John Lowe (R) vs. Mercedes Damratowski (?)
  • District 39 Senator Lou Ann Linehan (R) vs. Allison Heimes (D)
  • District 41Senator Tom Briese (R)
  • District 43 Senator Tom Brewer (R) vs. Tanya Storer (R)
  • District 45 Rita Sanders (R) vs. Susan Hester (D)
  • District 47 Senator Steve Erdman (R)
  • District 49 Senator Andrew La Grone (R) vs. Jen Day (D)

Next week, we will send a full description of the candidates, including mugshots.



LB187 SUPPORT (Hilkeman)

  • Adds two new definitions to an eligible sports arena facility to the Sports Arena Facility Financing Assistance Act.
  • Any sports complex which includes concession areas, parking facilities and onsite administrative offices connected with operating the sports complex.
  • A multipurpose field meaning a rectangular field of grass or synthetic turf which is primarily used for competitive field sports, that may include soccer, football, flag football, lacrosse or rugby.
  • The bill repeals the occupancy requirement to receive a turn back of sales tax and replaces occupancy with project completion date.

LB1084 (Kolterman) MONITOR

  • The Nebraska Transformational Project Act would provide $300 million in state funding to the University of Nebraska Medical Center for their NExT Project.
  • NExT Project has two components: a state of the art academic medical center facility and a federal all-hazard disaster response military and civilian partnership.
  • UNMC must show an economic impact to Nebraska of at least $2.7 billion during the planning and construction period and at least $4.9 billion over ten years.



  • This is a complex property tax and school funding bill. As amended by AM2433, the bill would reduce property taxes as a major source of funding for K-12 education.
  • Real property would be valued at 95% of actual value for tax year 2020.
  • In tax year 2021, real property would be valued at 91%of actual value.
  • In tax year 2022, and thereafter, real property would be valued at 86% of actual value.