“Here’s looking at you, kid”

“Unicameral, Unicameral, don’t tax me – tax that fellow behind the tree.” Valentine’s Day, the Revenue Committee hearings featured three property relief bills: LB314, LB497 and LB677. Each would lower property taxes by shifting a greater proportion of funding for K-12 education to sales and/or income taxes. When the hearings concluded after more than TEN HOURS, those fellows behind the tree had said quite enough.

Legislative hearings, on more than 700 well-intentioned bills, are in full swing. Revenue, Judiciary and Health and Human Services Committees are brutal.

The Department of Revenue reported another shortfall. January “Net” receipts are $32 million below the certified forecast. Only net corporate income is above forecast.

Interesting hearing schedule in the Transportation & Telecommunications Committee last Tuesday. First bill (LB378) would eliminate mandatory helmets for motorcycle riders. Followed by (LB612) that would allow memorialization of those who die on Nebraska roads with their pictures on blue triangular roadside signs.

The #1 nauseating hearing of the week year was LB449. It prohibits scleral tattooing (I had to look it up), unless preformed by a licensed healthcare professional. “Artists” use needles, scalpels, or other equipment to permanently mark the white of the human eye. Seriously! People drop by the mall for an eye tattoo? BLARGH!

NH&LA Watchlist

Senator Morfeld’s short-term rental bill (LB57) is now on Final Reading. Likely, the bill will receive a vote this week and move to the Governor’s desk for signature. Click here to see the revised fiscal note.

LB203 was moved to Select File. The bill amends the Music Licensing Act to add the owner of a multi-family dwelling to the definition of “proprietor.”

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