Balance the Budget

The state’s fiscal year will end 6/30/17.  Before the Legislature begins work on the next biennial budget (2017/18 – 2018/19), they have a small matter to clean-up.  A $145 million-ish hole in the current budget.

LB22 was introduced on behalf of the Governor to get the state through the end of June.  His revised budget has painful spending cuts and fund transfers from agency budgets. If reading the 112-page LB22 interests you, knock yourself out.

Passing LB22 sooner, rather than later, is a very good thing.  Fortunately, the session-long political animosity among senators gave way to common sense, and LB22 moved from General File to Select File.  Committee hearings on the 667 introduced bills are in full bloom.

What’s up?

Two important bills are scheduled for hearings this week by the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

February 8 – LB 222 restructures the Tourism Commission and provides oversight measures in their governing statutes.

The bill restructures the Board to include members who possess professional qualifications. It implements 11 districts based on geography and lodging tax revenues.

The bill also clarifies the definition of tourism industry for the purpose of specifying to which industries oversight of the Board would apply. It implements other provisions which would transition the Board to a new structure, stipulates the adoption of procedures regarding the use of appropriated funds, clarifies the rules regulating the use of contracts by the Commission, and clarifies guidelines for the Commission’s grant program.

February 10 – LB 628 is the Airb&b bill that restricts a city, village, or county from adopting or enforcing an ordinance or resolution that expressly or effectively prohibits the use of a property as a short-term rental.

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