Hunting Fresh Meat

In eight days, senators introduced 478 bills, a handful of constitutional amendments and some other nonsense. Senators Wayne (28) and Kolterman (25) lead the pack for most bills introduced.

Fresh Meat senators are new. They want to be taken seriously. High profile bills that effect change to (pick an agenda) or big deliverables for (pick a constituency) are perfect. Even if Fresh Meat did not help write, or heaven forbid, read the bill.

Fresh Meat is attractive to desperate and wily lobbyists (this writer obviously excluded) hunting a sponsor for legislation that’s older than Senator Slama (22), and smells from the Scrapheap of Great Ideas. Several Freshmen ignored the smell and took the bait this session. Poor Fresh Meat.

Martin Luther King holiday delayed the final two days of bill introductions to Tuesday and Wednesday.

Positive State of the State Address by Governor Ricketts last Tuesday. Look for dustups over money….. again. Three months ago, the Nebraska Economic Forecasting Board projected a $232 million shortfall between projected revenues and estimated expenses through June 30, 2021. That’s a lonely start for the Appropriations Committee.

Other headliners this session will be: Medicaid expansion, property tax relief, lowering income tax, Blueprint Nebraska hopes to replace the Nebraska Advantage Act, overcrowded prisons and K-12 and higher education…..again.

Committee hearings begin Tuesday. See the link below.

What They’re Doing To For You

LB57 prohibits ordinances and other regulations prohibiting short-term rentals of residential property and provides for agreements with online hosting platforms regarding taxation.

LB203 (Briese) Adds “multi-family residential dwelling” to the meaning of Proprietor in the Music Licensing Agency Act.