The long, slow countdown on the political career of state senator, Bill Kintner, reached DEFCON 5 last week.  If you don’t know good ol’ Bill, he’s the type of guy who:

  • you can count on to insult his political opponents.
  • gives political mates the Gee Bees on he spouts off on social media.
  • publically eats steak and other meats with his fingers (eeew).  Thought you should know.
  • had cybersex on, er using, his state laptop from a Boston hotel room (double ewww).
  • was extorted by cybersex (partner?) or his performance would become a YouTube hit.
  • the Accountability and Disclosure Commission fined $1,000 for “misuse” of state property.
  • has a truly extraordinary wife.
  • personally entered the final launch code with a tweet.

Good ol’ Bill resigned Wednesday morning. A few minutes later and his colleagues were to engage in debate on his certain expulsion. Good ol’ Bill’s resignation speech was piece. He spoke of God. He quoted Solomon, Ronald Reagan, and appropriately, Richard Nixon. Bill thanked those who admire him, and rebuked those dirty liberals and turncoat conservatives who caused his demise. BTW, you can still “friend” good ol’ Bill on Facebook. His posts are delightful.

Kinda wish good ol’ Bill would have stuck to his guns for a couple more hours on Wednesday. He had a real shot at history by becoming the first senator expelled from the Legislature.

“You won’t have good ol’ Bill to kick around anymore.”

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What’s up?

Last Friday, the Judiciary Committee held hearings on wage garnishment bills: LB 37, LB 136 and LB 229. Look for one of the bills to be amended and advanced to General File.

The committee hearing for the Riverfront Development Act (LB 97) is scheduled for February 14.

No word yet on hearings for the Tourism Commission (LB 222) or the Airbnb bill (LB 628).

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