License Plates

Nebraska’s statehood sesquicentennial was March 1. That’s 150 years for those of you in Council Bluffs. Some of us are old enough to remember Nebraska’s statehood centennial. Former Secretary of State and Nebraska treasure, Allen Beermann, is old enough to remember selling hardtack to pioneers on the Mormon Trail.

The standard Nebraska license plate is redesigned and reissued every six years. Predictably, new designs are roundly panned from Rulo to Harrison. Plates are personal, hence the popularity of specialty license plates: Husker Spirit, Corn Growers, Creighton, Cattlemen, Military, Gold Star and yes, Nebraska has a sesquicentennial license plate.

A&E Network was in Lincoln to develop a pilot like their hit reality series STORAGE WAR$.That’s the show in which unpaid storage units are sold at auction. Bidders get mad at one another and say the darndest things. A&E cleverly named this show LICENSE PLATE WARS.

The pilot began earlier in the session when a senator introduced LB 46. It adds “Choose Life” to the list of specialty license plates.The bill moved quickly through the process of a hearing and advanced to General File. Monday, LB 46 came up for debate and cameras rolled all week.

After six hours of LICENSE PLATE WARS it’s clear that A&E has a flop on its hands. Filibusters somehow lack the comedic tone of tough guy Dave Hester pulling a fast one on goofy Darrell Sheets. LB 46 advanced by cloture to Select File, but a filibuster will continue this week on the accompanying appropriation (A bill). Talk about a specialty plate that’s personal!

What’s up?

So far, only LB 97 (Riverfront Development District Act) and LB 229 (Wage Garnishment) have advanced from their respective committees to General File.



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