Mother of All Bills

LB 461, the grand tax reform MOAB, turned out to be a dud. Governor Ricketts and Revenue Committee chair, Jim Smith, were all over this one. But, when put to senators for a vote, their count was six noses short.

Who didn’t vote for MOAB?  All the Democrats (duh) and 5 Republicans. Three of those party unfaithful (Groene, Baker and McCollister) had best hitch-up their britches if running for reelection next year.

Select File debate on the budget bills went as expected. Conservatives pounded their chests for less spending. Progressives pled for spending on education and social issues. Most appropriation bills are on Final Reading and should hit the Governor’s in box this week.

THE DILEMMA: State revenue may be $1.1B short of state spending for the next two years.

THE LEGISLATURE’S PLAN: Cut spending by $700M. Sweep $230M from cash funds laying around in agency budgets.  Swipe $170M from the State Rainy Day Fund.

THE GOVERNOR’S PLAN: Cut spending by $820M. Sweep $230M from cash funds laying around in agency budgets.

THE SOLUTION: Senators send plan to the Governor. He vetoes. More meetings.Group hug.

Speaker Scheer announced he intends to adjourn the session on Day 89 (May 26). Only 12 legislative days until the kids adjourn sine die. (Fist Pumping Emoji)

What’s Up

Tracking Sheet Priority Bills:

  • LB 97 (Crawford) Monitor. SENT TO GOVERNOR.  Creates the Riverfront Development District Act.
  • LB 222 (Stinner) Support. APPROVED BY GOVERNOR. Nebraska Visitors Development Act that changes the membership of, and provides changes and eliminates powers and duties of the Nebraska Tourism Commission.
  • LB 628 (Larson) Oppose. General File. Airbnb bill. Cities and counties are prohibited from certain authority over short-term rentals of residential property.

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