Seinfeld character, Izzy Mandelbaum (Lloyd Bridges) was an 80-year-old man who hated to lose. He challenged Jerry to a weightlifting competition with the phrase, “it’s go time” right before he threw-out his back. As did Izzy’s son and his father.

So why is it go time in Lincoln? Eleven legislative days remain in this session. Almost 150 bills hang like aging Mandelbaums, anxious to be plucked from General File, Select File or Final Reading. Most will pass. Some won’t. And, some will return from the Governor with a VETO stamp on their Izzy’s.

There are perhaps a dozen bills that some senators will loathe. Loathe translates to filibuster, and filibuster translates to hours and hours of talking.The most loathsome (re: hours) bill will be LB1032 that would expand Medicaid services in Nebraska. Several also destine for loathing include: LB10 – winner-take-all electoral votes; LB643 – medicinal pot; LB1067 – eliminates Learning Community common levy.

Two property tax relief bills introduced at the request of Governor Ricketts will be loathed as well. Both were gutted by committees like freshly trapped West Virginia raccoons. LB958 would have lessened the budgeting monkey business in local government. It now throws $29 million (that the state does not have) in a fund to reduce property taxes on agricultural land. LB959 was to tighten the screws on local school budgeting, but it too has been whipsawed to irrelevancy.

We missed one. LB83 was introduced last year to amend Nebraska’s Equal Pay Act. The bill carried over to the 2016 session and has just moved to the Governor’s desk for signature. If signed, the Act will apply to employers with two or more employees, rather than fifteen or more employees.