The following is testimony given before the Government, Military and Veterans Affiars Committee on February 8, 2017:

The Nebraska Hotel and Lodging Association would like to express our organizations support for LB222.

The bill as drafted will work to improve the Nebraska Tourism Commission in its role to promote and expand tourism in our state. We appreciate Senator Stinner and staff for their work the past months to develop a comprehensive bill.

The Nebraska Hotel and Lodging Association represents hotel and other lodging entities across the state. We are the state affiliate of the American Hotel and Lodging Association. We obviosity have a strong interest in maintaining and increasing tourism in our state. Nebraska has over 29,000 rooms available in the states lodging industry and continues to grow. It is important to our members and all business that are part of the tourism industry have a strong promotion program in place.

LB222 contains language which structures the board by geography to ensure a representation from all sectors and parts of the state. It also includes members not directly from the tourism sector but that may bring skills and experience that will be of value to the Commission.

We appreciate the inclusion of the state providing oversite and a system of checks to insure that resources are utilized to the best possible outcome. NH&LA supports the adoption of procedures which is included in the bill that will provide more clarity and understanding to stakeholders. By providing new guidelines for grant programs we think increase efficacies and positive results.

Nebraska Hotel and Lodging Association request that LB222 be advanced.