LB806 creates the Riverfront Development Authority. It was amended and advanced to General File. While not prioritized, we are watching this bill closely as it could be amended into another piece of legislation.

Three property tax reduction bills are prioritized: LB717; LB958 and LB959.

Eighty-two senator and committee bills were officially designated as priorities on Friday. It’s quite a list. A personal favorite is the one that prohibits “flying lanterns.” Monday, Speaker Hadley will announce his 25 priority bills, thus removing hundreds of undesignated bills from public discussion or interest. Sort of like Nebraska’s basketball team.

Monday is the midpoint in the 60-day session, and the agenda continues to be floor debate in the mornings and hearings in the afternoons, until Day 37 on March 3.

Old warhorse, Sen. Ernie Chambers, won two from Young Turk, Sen. Larson, last week. Larson’s constitutional amendment, LR26CA, would change the age of eligibility to hold public office from 21 to 18. The bill had already passed General File, but on Select File Sen. Chambers’ filibuster methodically eroded support for Larson and his bill, akin to how Sugar Ray Leonard picked apart Roberto Durán in their second fight.

Two days later, Larson (chair of the General Affairs Committee) used a committee priority for LB970, a controversial hodgepodge of gambling issues from fantasy sports to keno to betting on the weather. Another Chambers led filibuster ended with Sen. Larson writing a “No Más” letter to the Speaker, killing his own bill.

Can’t wait for Chambers vs Larson III. LB1105 is the second priority bill from the General Affairs Committee. This one is a medley of alcohol bills (shaken, not stirred) that advanced from Committee by a 5-3 vote. Look for Chambers to control the debate with constant patter and Larson to swing wildly until he’s exhausted. Chambers with the KO in the 6th (hour).