Legislative Update – Week 2

All-day floor debate last week was largely a bust. Fillbuster would be the more appropriate description. Hey, two bills did advance….neither of consequence. The rest of the time was spent beating the Holy Hanna out of two bills: 1.) legalization of poker; 2.) charging inmates a fee to see a doctor. As you would expect, things turned ugly and frighteningly reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, except for the blood part, of course.

This week, floor debate will be limited to mornings and hearings on new bills will be held in the afternoons. Two days of bill introductions remain and 348 bills have been introduced. Also, Speaker Hadley will only schedule bills for debate that have a priority designation. Senators each have one priority, committees two and Mr. Speaker commands 25. Hmmm.

Almost forgot. Governor Ricketts greeted the President on Wednesday, and on Thursday, he delivered his State of the State Address. Wonder which one he enjoyed the least?

A pocketful of bills are new to our list. Most significant are the Governor’s property tax hammers: LB958 and LB959 that further shackle local government spending.Time will tell if the Legislature will buy in.