Legislative Update – Week 3

Okay, Gang! Last Wednesday was Day 10. And why is that important? Because bill introductions cease on the tenth day of the legislative session. And let me say, these are indeed a fine collection of 445 planet-saving beauties.

Mornings are now devoted to floor debate, but only for bills that have been prioritized. Remember, senators have 1; committees have 2; and Mr. Speaker gets a pocketful of 25. So, as The Duke used to say, “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Priority Swing). Afternoons are reserved for public hearings until every single, solitary one of those bills receives ten minutes of fame.

So far, ten senators have identified their priority bills. LB900 repeals mandatory helmets for motorcyclists.  LB960 raids the State Cash Reserve Fund of maybe $150 million to build roads.  LB136 prohibits flying lanterns.  LB289 removes some handgun restrictions in cities.  Look for 39 more priority bills, just like these , in the coming days……and weeks…..and months ahead.

Check out LB806 that provides for another occupation tax.  LB1046 changes resident status for liquor licenses.