Saw Shelley Duval at the Capitol last Wednesday. It was the first day of this “short” 60-day legislative session. Walking toward the building my eyes turned toward our vigilant Sower atop the dome. As God is my witness, Sower was Ms. Duval looking like Jack Nicholson was chopping through the Overlook Hotel bathroom door in The Shining. Welcome back senators.

New bills can only be introduced the first ten days of session. Blessings. By Friday, senators had introduced 188 of the little beauties. Look for things to heat up this session with debate on medicaid expansion; medical marijuana; criminal justice; prison spending; winner take all electoral votes; property taxes; sales taxes; income taxes and maybe a whopping increase in tobacco taxes. Oh, and there’s a $110M-$132M hole in the revenue pot that needs to be plugged.

All and all, Shelley, the Legislature will be headed home mid-April before Johnny gets through that door.