Hey, Yogi, the fat lady sings on Wednesday! That’s right, April 20 is the 60th and final day of this legislative session. Sine die! You can kick dirt and spit chew over whether our side won or lost, but for sure…it will be over.

The Legislature met last Tuesday and Wednesday, trotted-up a folio of bills to Governor Ricketts for his signature, and immediately adjourned. Procedurally, the Governor has five days, excluding Sunday, to sign or veto a bill. He can choose to not sign a bill, but it would become law anyway. Kind of like when you’re asked your opinion on new window treatments. You can say yes, or you can say no. If you say nothing, those Roman velour vertical blinds will look fabulous.

Three bills the Governor definitely will not veto are LB958, LB959 and LB960 that were introduced on his behalf. After committee hearings and floor debate, property tax reduction bills LB958 and LB959 are now mere caricatures of themselves. They may feel like wins, but don’t count on ticker tape parades. LB960, on the other hand, is a $450 million package to accelerate needed road construction. While not officially posted, the ink from Pete’s Montblanc is certainly dry on all three signature pages.

Governor Pete has promised to veto LB947 that would allow children brought to Nebraska illegally, but received lawful status through Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, to obtain Nebraska professional licenses. The bill advanced on Final Reading with 33 votes, the minimum required to cease a filibuster. Only 30 votes are needed to override a veto, but overrides are always more political, emotional and fun to watch.

  • LB821 – Workplace Privacy Act – Presented to the Governor.
  • LB884 – Convention Center Financing Act – Presented to the Governor.
  • LB958 – Property Tax Relief – Presented to the Governor.
  • LB959 – Public Education Funding – Presented to the Governor.
  • LB1105 – Liquor licensing – Presented to the Governor.