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The Nebraska Hotel and Lodging Association is dedicated in promoting, maintaining, and insuring the highest standards of service and personal conduct possible among our members. We strive to help educate and find jobs for those whom are interested in a hospitality career.

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Steve Hilton

Steve Hilton works for John Q Hammons Hotels and manages two properties in La Vista, NE, the Marriott Courtyard and Embassy Suites.

When asked what a typical day in a hotel is Steve told us, “Different every day. You really have to adapt to the different trends of the business depending on the different types of events that are taking place. The fun thing about my job is that no day is the same so there’s really not a set routine. There are certain things that we have to work with, deadlines with the corporate office on forecasting and the financial aspects of it, but the day to day is being available and visible on the property to support the operation.”

Steve’s next door neighbor was a general manager of a hotel and he needed a van driver, so that’s what got him started in the business. He also worked as a bellman while in high school. Today, Steve still loves the business because of it’s people and people development. Steve said, “I think you kind of go through your career where you yourself are trying to advance, but now, I have more joy in seeing my associates and managers grow to higher levels and advance. I think that’s more rewarding for me.”

Steve’s parents moved from the United Kingdom when he was in junior high school. They took the risk to leave England and move to a place that would allow a better life for the future, which had a large impact on Steve. Today, in his spare time, he coaches his youngest sons’ soccer team, runs marathons and cheers on his favorite soccer team, Liverpool.

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