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Rafe Parker, Guest Services Employee of the Year

The Nebraska Hotel & Lodging Association is proud to recognize Mr. Rafe Parker with Lincoln’s Embassy Suites as the recipient of the Nebraska Hotel & Lodging Association’s Guest Services STAR award for 2019. 

Perhaps the two awards that reflect who we are as an industry are the manager and guest services awards that recognize our most important asset, our people. Without their dedication and commitment we as an industry would not be able to accomplish our goals.

Here is why Rafe is our 2019 Outstanding Employee of the Year:

Rafe Parker is one of the hardest working employees at the Embassy Suites.  He is not just on time – he is always early.  He completes his work promptly and correctly as well as continuously verifing reservations as far as six months to a year out in his spare time. Rafe is always the first to come in when needed, as well as the first to volunteer for extra shifts or odd coverages. He handles guest complaints with a managerial attitude and attempts to make guests days right when he hears of celebrations in advance. He is also a top pick for training new employees due to his outstanding attention to detail. Everyone at the Embassy Suites feels fortunate to have an employee as business and customer minded as Rafe at the desk.   

Congratulations to Rafe Parker!

Pictured above, Rafe Parker of the Embassy Suites – Lincoln



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